How to Deliver Bad News (and Still Keep Your Customers Happy)


Over the last year, countless challenges for all industries have been snowballing. Shutdowns, shortages, delays and production interruptions on top of general uncertainty have forced salespeople into tough conversations with customers. 

We always hope the transaction will be smooth and easy, but it’s not business as usual.

How you manage the tough conversations you’re having with customers today will impact the success of your customer experience scores, referrals, and closed deals now and into the future. 

Jeff Shore and Bob Burg have a conversation about what it takes to deliver bad news to your customers with skill, tact, sensitivity and poise.

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In this webinar, you will learn exactly how to: 

  • Set the stage for a difficult conversation
  • Bounce back after you’ve had a tough conversation
  • Follow Jeff's 3-step process to keep the message simple and easy to understand
  • Identify creative alternatives to help your customer bounce back
  • Close on the remedy and keep the sale on track

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