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We are deeply saddened and sorry to say that our dear friend and beloved colleague, Cassandra Grauer passed away on Thursday, August 31.

Cassandra was Shore Consulting's Chief Evangelist & Brand Ambassador. She was a blessing of joy, grace and kindness to all who met her. If you had the pleasure of knowing her, we are sorry for your loss as well.

cassandra grauer
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With over 100 years of shared new home sales experience, our sales trainers have sold, managed and trained in every market condition imaginable over the past 30 years. Worried about shifts in the housing market or what’s coming around the corner? We can teach your sales team to SELL IN ANY MARKET.

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Our pioneer and founder Jeff Shore perfected the new homes sales process when he created The 4:2 Formula. Now used by tens of thousands of sales professionals worldwide, it has become the Gold Standard for how to sell a home.

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