Closing 2.0 | How to Close More Sales Faster by Putting the Customer First by Jeff Shore

Closing 2.0 by Jeff Shore. How to Close More Sales Faster by Putting the Customer First

WARNING: This book will NOT teach you 1,000 closing lines to memorize for every occasion!

Your Buyer Needs a Hero

Jeff Shore Closing 2.0 BookGone are the days of canned sales presentations, false urgency, and cheesy closing lines.

Closing 2.0 isn’t about being sneaky, sleazy, tricky or manipulative. It’s about understanding the psychological journey of your customers and joining them as an ally, not an adversary.

Easy to read and easy to implement, Closing 2.0: How to Close More Sales Faster by Putting the Customer First takes you on a 30-day journey to strengthen both your closing mindset and your closing technique.

Matt Heinz

“Finally! Amidst a sea of books offering sales strategy, Jeff nails it with a packed guide to closing the deal. This is required reading if you want to increase your close rate and success.”

– MATT HEINZ, President, Heinz Marketing Inc.

What Makes Closing 2.0 So Different?

Jeff Shore delivers a modern and definitive “Version 2.0” for closing that focuses first on the customer. It’s an upgraded operating system where closing isn’t something you do TO your customer but is something you do FOR your customer. Closing 2.0 will teach you exactly how to:

Katie Grise

“You don’t have to be pushy, manipulative, “in your face,” etc — all the adjectives that I thought described what it took to be a sales rep and why I never wanted that profession. I’m not any of those things. Your way of selling offers a natural fluidity, a calm and ease to allow someone to make what is often a stressful decision an easy and exciting decision.”

– KATIE GRISE, Sales Representative

Eric Freebairn

“Your material and approach continues to benefit our established agents and new sales consultants. I appreciate you as a sales trainer for keeping current and adapting your proven techniques in real time.

Our ‘first visit’ sales have increased as high as 20%. Your techniques work!”

– ERIC FREEBAIRN, Sales Manager

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Closing 2.0 Shows You How to Bust the 10 Biggest Closing Myths of All Time

Closing 1.0 Myth

Closing 2.0 Reality

1. Closing is all about building value Closing is all about problem solving
2. Closing requires me to create urgency Closing requires me to discover urgency
3. Customers must agree with me Customers must agree with themselves
4. Buying signals tell me when to close Buying behaviors tell me when to close
5. Closing is the last step in the process Closing starts with the very first handshake
6. A slick closing script will save the day A smart closing strategy seals more deals
7. Closing comes down to product and price Closing comes down to meeting needs
8. Closing is something you do TO a customer Closing is something you do FOR a customer
9. Customers don’t want to be closed Customers don’t want to make a bad decision
10. Closing is about signing on the dotted line Closing is about celebrating a major decision

Praise for Closing 2.0

Kelly Riggs

“It is much too cliché anymore to describe a sales book as a “must-read,” or to trumpet its potential to “ignite your sales performance.” Such praise would also serve to grossly underappreciate Jeff Shore’s newest book, Closing 2.0. Concise and easy-to-read, Closing 2.0 will completely change the way salespeople view closing a sale.

– KELLY RIGGS, Sales Strategist & Leadership Coach, Author of “Quit Whining and Start SELLING!”

Mark Hunter

“This is the book you’ll carry with you for years to come as your ‘sales solution’ guide.

– MARK HUNTER, Author of “High-Profit Selling”

Deb Calvert

“Cutting straight to the heart of the matter and challenging the assumptions and perceptions that become barriers to closing, this book will help you figure out what’s keeping you from closing more AND give you the step-by-step blueprint for doing so. You’ll get the mindset, process and technique you need to confidently close any sale.

– DEB CALVERT, President, People First Productivity Solutions

Jeff Beals

“Are you ready to flush those tired, worn-out myths about closing sales? Then get your hands on this quick-reading, action-oriented book. In Closing 2.0, Jeff Shore shows that the best closers focus on partnerships, not pushiness. If you read this book and take the message to heart, you will radically improve your closing skills and push up your conversion rates.

– JEFF BEALS, Author of “Self Marketing Power” & “Selling Saturdays”

Mike Weinberg

“In Closing 2.0, Jeff Shore shows how to deliver maximum value to your clients, your company, and yourself. You will get both your mindset and your techniques right ensuring you close more deals faster. Take Jeff’s 30-day challenge and start winning more business – now!

– MIKE WEINBERG, Author of “New Sales. Simplified.” And “Sales Management. Simplified.”

About the Author

Color portrait of Jeff Shore

Color portrait of Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the Founder and CEO of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in psychology-based sales training programs. Using these modern, game-changing techniques, Jeff Shore’s clients delivered over 145,000 new homes generating $54 billion in revenue last year.