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Sales Leaders: Have You Hit A Ceiling?

Jeff Shore's Sales Leadership Roundtable

You work hard. You have a dynamic market, a decent sales team and a demanding (but do-able) business plan . But for some reason you’re…. stuck. You know there is another level—you might see it happening with some of your peers—but no matter how many late nights you work and how many sacrifices you make, you still haven’t reached that next level. This is your ceiling.

So, how do you break through it?

“The Sales Leadership Roundtable provided me with the peers and leadership skills that I needed to advance my career as a sales professional. It was a truly transformative experience which focused on skill development, behavior coaching, team leadership, and personal development. My team has felt the impact of the improvements that I made through this program – and our team’s culture has absolutely flourished! I credit the people and the resources that I was given access to through this program for my 2021 National Sales Leader of the Year Gold Award.”


“Early in my career, I set a goal to surround myself with professionals in the industry and learn from the best to help grow my personal development and network. It was through being part of the Sales Leadership Roundtable that I quickly developed my skills in sales leadership, and as a result I was awarded the 2020 Gold National Sales Manager of the Year through NAHB. This program provides one-on-one working relationships with Jeff Shore and allows opportunities to learn from top sales leaders in the industry. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their career and leadership knowledge, as well as grow in areas of team building, development, skill coaching, negotiations, increasing revenue and more.”

– CASSIAN BERNARD, SVice President of Sales & Marketing M/I Homes-Dallas
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“The in depth coaching and continual guidance I received throughout the Sales Leadership Roundtable directly impacted the unbelievable success my team and our organization had over the past year and attributed to my ability to win the 2019 Nationals Sales Manager of the Year Award. When I challenged myself in the summer of 2017 (while attending the Sales Leadership Summit) to committing to being a participant in the Sales Leadership Roundtable for 2018, I had no idea what a life transforming journey it would be for me, both professionally and personally.”

– BROOKS SEARS, Director of Sales VanMetre Homes

“The Sales Leadership Roundtable was by far the best thing I have ever done to enhance my career. Jeff’s personal leadership training throughout the year as well as the extensive resources and tools provided will enable me to take my job to the next level! I am confident that I would not have won the 2017 Sales Manager of the Year Award without Jeff’s consistent leadership coaching. I highly recommend the Sales Leadership Roundtable for anyone who is serious about their leadership development, managing a highly skilled sales team and increasing revenue for their company.”

– JODI PALIN, Sales Director, Inspired Homes
Jodi Palin
Alisa Poncher

“After spending a year in the Sales Leadership Roundtable, I was honored to be awarded the title of NAHB National Sales Manager of the Year. Jeff Shore and all my Roundtable peers played a huge part in equipping me for that award and for moving forward in my own career path. Without a doubt, the Sales Leadership Roundtable allowed me to find renewed purpose for myself both personally and professionally.”

– ALISA PONCHER, Director of Training & Implementation, Taylor Morrison Homes

How You Are Going To Break Through

Ceilings are different for every sales leader.

For some, constant ‘fire fighting’ (working reactively instead of proactively) weakens productivity and inhibits the time set aside for high level strategizing. For others, improper sales training leads to an unprepared sales team who lacks confidence and consistently underperforms. Some team leaders have simply never been properly mentored—they haven’t been taught the indispensable tools, systems and shortcuts by a mentor who has made it where they are ultimately trying to go. This list goes on and on…

Recognizing your unique ceiling is the first step towards overcoming it and there is no better place to discover and finally break through than at Jeff Shore’s yearly Sales Leadership Roundtable.

What Sales Leaders Just Like You Are Saying…

When You Take the Roundtable Journey You Will:

  • Identify your top priorities as a sales leader so that you can strategically, intentionally and confidently control your own weekly calendar and daily schedule.
  • Save 5 – 10 hours of your precious time each and every week to reclaim your work-life balance.
  • Develop a self-managing sales team to break free from the two-bit problems holding you back from the strategic work you want (and need!) to do.
  • Confidently advocate your strategies, effectively collaborate with and powerfully persuade your boss to create win-win outcomes.
  • Build world-class coaching skills to drive higher lead conversion rates and mastery level sales techniques with your sales team in the field.
  • Maximize margins and profit by creating and maintaining sales momentum at each property every single week.
  • Design and implement a simple, repeatable and sustainable process for recruiting, hiring and retaining top sales talent.
  • Gain clarity on your own career path and design the steps to get there.
  • Create lifelong friendships and connections with top-performing industry peers.

The Gift Of Time

Look, you wouldn’t be the first Roundtable member who’s wondered how they’ll fit this intense program into an already busy schedule. That’s part of the problem, right? You don’t have enough time.

But that is exactly what we’re offering you: more time.

Yes, this program requires your focus and commitment in the short term, what it offers you over the course of your career is more time OUTSIDE of work with your friends, your family, your loved ones.

By implementing the Roundtable systems and tools, you will save hundreds of hours each year and thousands of hours over the course of your career. You will leave the Roundtable knowing exactly how you can work less and make more!

“The Sales Leadership Roundtable has been a career changing adventure. The management tools and best practices received by Jeff Shore and other members of the Roundtable have made my organization better in every way. By participating in the Sales Leadership Roundtable I believe that my organization will supercharge our success several years earlier than we initially set out for.

– CHRIS HARTLEY, VP of Sales and Marketing, KHOV Dallas

Your Membership in Jeff Shore’s Mastermind Includes:

Year-long Leadership Development Program Led by Jeff Shore

The world’s leading real estate companies pay top dollar to get just a half-day with Jeff. You get him and his 30+ years of industry leadership for the entire year.

Quarterly Live Workshops with Jeff Shore

Join Jeff and your exclusive group of peers for four in-person retreats in desirable destinations across North America.

Monthly Video Lessons and Exclusive Roundtable Podcasts

You’ll get Jeff’s cutting edge insights and advice to help you master your sales leadership strategies and put them into practice on the job

Business and Leadership Goals, Tools and Assignments

Peak performance is no good if it’s followed by valleys full of weak performance. You’ll stay sharp and avoid falling back to bad habits with Jeff’s proven tools & assignments delivered to you each week.

Weekly Victory & Accountability Calls

Share your journey, learn together, celebrate your victories and connect with an amazing new network of successful sales executives just like you.

Direct Email & Phone Support from Jeff Shore

Jeff’s world-class coaching doesn’t end when you leave the in-person workshops. As a Mastermind member, you get as-needed phone and email support to address any individual issues, challenges and opportunities you face throughout the year.

The Shore Consulting Knowledge Vault

Why reinvent the wheel? You’ll be granted exclusive access to the Shore Consulting library of tools, techniques and team resources so that you get ahead even faster.

Jeff Shore's Sales Leadership Roundtable

“The Roundtable offered fresh perspectives along with innovative tools and processes that have influenced my day-to-day management immensely. I feel much more prepared at the start of each week and have noticed a difference in the relationships, attitude, and success of my entire sales team as well – not to mention a 15% YOY increase in volume in one of the most competitive homebuilding markets in the country. Jeff Shore’s Roundtable offers a truly unique experience that is hard to find anywhere else in this industry and I will remember it as a game changer in my career.

– WHITNEY HARVEY, VP of Sales & Marketing, Magnolia Homes

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Roundtable alumni at JEFF’S annual Sales Leadership Summit


“The Roundtable truly changed the way I do my job. The personal sessions with Jeff opened my eyes to where my priorities need to be as a new home Sales Manager. I am already seeing results from my team as I continue to implement the things I learned during the Roundtable. Thank you Jeff and the entire Shore Consulting team!”

– Matthew Lasiter, Sales Manager, Drees Homes

“After being in the home building industry my whole adult life I was looking for an outlet to inspire me and help me take my career to the next level. Nothing could have prepared me for the transformation that has taken place since I have joined the Sales Leadership Roundtable. I have been continually challenged to raise the bar for myself and my team members, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and I have been encouraged to examine my expectations and clearly define my mission and think about my end game strategy. The personal and career growth I have experienced through the Roundtable is nothing short of remarkable. It has been a powerful, honest, sometimes intense experience that is truly life changing and has taught me things I will benefit from for years to come. It has been an AMAZING journey! One that I will never forget, thank you Jeff.”

– Michelle Shepherd, National Sales Trainer, Meritage Homes, TX

“The Roundtable experience was a career highlight for me. It was a unique opportunity to not only be coached by Jeff, but to brainstorm with the best of the best in the industry. I found the coaching tools received, reviewed and practiced at each session to be valuable. As a sales coach for Meritage Homes, I have gone back to the “library” multiple times since joining the group and have shared these coaching tools and techniques with sales leadership and sales team members. Thank you, Jeff and the team at Shore Consulting, for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this elite group!”

– Cindy Cameron, National Sales Trainer, Meritage Homes

“As the year draws to a close I find myself reviewing and analyzing the past 11 months. In doing so I recognize that one of the best decisions I made all year was also one of the first decisions I made; joining Jeff’s Leadership Roundtable. As an industry veteran I was searching for something that would challenge me (after over 30 years in the industry) as well as provide growth. The roundtable delivered. Right out of the gate Jeff equipped us with time management tools and in doing so enabled me to accomplish more this year both on and off the job. The consistency of the program has lead me to make lasting improvements and the fellow Roundtablers I’ve met have shared their talents and knowledge so openly for the benefit of all. I would recommend the Leadership Roundtable to any sales expert looking to not settle for where they are but desiring to strive to where they can go.”

– Nanette Overly, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Epcon Communities, OH

“The Roundtable experience with Jeff and his team has been life changing. The time commitment is small in comparison to maintaining status quo. The strategies for managing time that Jeff taught us help create the time necessary to devote to this journey. Before starting the Roundtable I was extremely busy but felt like I was never advancing. Since beginning the Roundtable I am still busy but feel like I am advancing our team to another level. Now, next year and even twenty years from now, I will look back on this Roundtable experience as THE pivotal point in my career.”

– Lindsey Tyler Ayala, Director of Sales, Crescent Homes, SC

“Jeff is not only inspiring, he is the real deal. Having direct access to his priceless advice has changed my daily habits immensely. Being a part of Jeff Shore’s Sales Leadership Roundtable has not only been a first class experience, but it has helped our team thrive and shaped who I am as a sales leader.”

– Ryan DeYoung President, DeYoung Properties, CA

“I can honestly say that my Roundtable experience has been an inspirational journey toward growth and development. My interactions with Jeff and my peers have fostered my ability to step out of my comfort zone and understand that progress toward my goals far outweighs my desire for perfection, which at times has been paralyzing. There is a newfound clarity and intentionality in my approach to life and the exploration in vulnerability and self-reflection has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. The lifelong friendships I have cultivated and the memorable experiences we have shared are priceless.”

– Melyssa Cornell, Community Sales Manager, Stanley Martin Homes, VA

“My Roundtable experience has been Tremendous with a capital T. It has transformed me and my team by nurturing, refining and stretching our talents. We’ve moved from excellent to extraordinary and we are now The Fastest Growing Builder in the Next 100. Remember it’s not what something costs…it’s what something is worth. And, in my opinion, Jeff Shore’s Roundtable is priceless.”

– John Christy, Director of Sales, Level Homes, NC

“Being part of the Roundtable has been so rewarding in many ways. Not only have I grown as a sales leader, but I have improved and learned new techniques for all areas of our company. This group is truly fantastic and is there for anything you need, personal or professional. I could honestly go on all day about how wonderful it has been.”

– Tricia Brennan, Vice President, Brennan Builders, PA

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the SLR group. Jeff has challenged our thought processes to blow the ceiling off and grow exponentially; not just 10% but 10X. Jeff has created many tools to help simplify issues that we are all facing. The diversity of the team brings various perspectives to creatively “talk out” solutions. Jeff has challenged me personally and I have had to step up my game to keep up with my fellow roundtablers. The SLR is truly food for those who feed others.”

– Doug Hensel, Regional Manager, NVR Homes, OH

“The roundtable has been a career changer. I’m a better leader and the knowledge gained about sales and sales leadership will be something that I use to grow myself and my sales teams for years to come.”

– Caroline Ashe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Ivey Residential, GA

“I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with and learn from Jeff for several years. That alone will help your personal and professional growth. Add the experience and learning opportunities from The Roundtable; that’s when you can take yourself to the next level. There is something different from not only the principles and practices that you learn; but more than that it’s the accountability, the personal reflection and introspection, and drive for action that you gain from The Roundtable. One of the many amazing aspects of this experience is the group of individuals that you are working with and learning from who are part of The Roundtable with you. It’s the experiences that we learn from one another and share our successes with that truly solidifies what we gain from The Roundtable Team. If you want to change your world and bring the best out in yourself; join The Roundtable!”

– Amer Syed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Shea Homes, TX

“The RT has exposed me to new challenges and expanded ways of thinking. I have met many new people from different professions that have provided insight on different views. It has been an incredible experience both personally and professionally.”

– Tatiana Souza, Vice President of Sales, Meritage Homes, FL

“The Sales Leadership Roundtable has been invaluable to me. Not only has it provided a clear path and many great tools to help develop and manage a top flight sales team, but it has been rejuvenating, inspiring and a whole lot of fun! I would unequivocally recommend it to any sales leader.”

– Scott Lalli, Vice President of Sales, Destination Homes, UT

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