Long-Term Business Success Starts With Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

By: Arvin Darilag  

Delivering Unforgettable Customer Experiences

You know it’s a good day whenever a vice president gives an employee a shout out that goes company wide. One of our colleagues helped a 15-year policy holder with an insurance form, leaving such a lasting, positive impression that the customer was compelled to leave a glowing review that just had to be shared with the entire team. 

When you work at Westwood, you learn very early that the customer experience we provide is very different than other insurance agencies. That is by design. It is a feature that is built into every interaction we have from start to finish.  

Owning your relationship with customers creates success in the short term, and is how you lay the foundation for more leads and sales opportunities in the future. This is the foundation we use at Westwood and here’s how you can do the same.  

Partnering with Home Builders for Seamless Insurance Integration

For 70 years, Westwood has worked with home builders to seamlessly integrate obtaining quality insurance into their processes. Working with 14 of the top 20 builders in the United States, customized quotes are provided in minutes and evidence of insurance is sent directly to lenders to keep the process moving and close on schedule. 

Taylor Morrison recently talked about how working with Westwood to create an in-house agency has led to a record 2022 for the company. While selling 12,000 homes last year was a new high mark organizationally, Taylor Morrison found that the increased levels of customer satisfaction even exceeded their expectations.  

Trust, Expertise, and Value: The Foundation of Westwood

From the beginning, our focus is to provide customers with the very best in price and ease of use when it comes to insurance. Built on trust from our partners, we are then able to demonstrate the value of our colleagues’ deep knowledge of the industry and their specific situations.  

But that’s just the start of what Westwood is capable of. As a top 100 P/C agency by Insurance Journal, we are one of the largest personal lines insurance agencies in the country. Our offerings range from home insurance to flood, earthquake, rental, auto and more.  

Starting with the biggest purchase that families make, we’re able to move forward with discussing how to protect all the items that our customers hold dear. In turn, our colleagues create the bonds that lead to the high marks that Westwood receives in customer satisfaction ratings.   

These bonds also create the word-of-mouth leads that have become integral to our business, by telling others about the type of commitment Westwood makes for them that is irrespective of the bottom line. Our customer base has grown in large part because of how we do business, and how it has worked for our customers time and time again. 

Navigating the Changing Housing Landscape with Confidence

The housing landscape will always change. Market shifts and transitions will continue to be a big emphasis for us all as we look to the second half of 2023 and beyond. The constant, however, are the customers who look to us for advice and guidance through all of it.   

Creating a customer-centric approach to your operations will not only net success for you, but for the long-term viability for your business overall.   

If you are interested in how Westwood works with builders to provide exceptional service, come and find our team at the Jeff Shore Summit, or contact us through our website.

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