3 Mistakes Sales People Make When Following-Up

Ryan Taft has never met a sales professional that didn’t agree that follow-up is essential to a healthy sales career. It doesn’t matter if you sell, cars, homes, medical supplies or dog food, follow-up is essential. His experience as a consumer and as a sales coach is that there are three common mistakes made in follow-up.

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How to Increase Your Sales Success Through Networking

Some people find networking uncomfortable, and I have to admit, I am one of those people. While at an event recently I was convicted by how well a friend of mine worked the room. He was not just trying to meet new people, he was building relationships. That’s something we all should be doing.

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Take control of success

What are You Doing to Take Control of Your Own Success?

What are you doing to take control of your own success? Sales leadership can be a lonely place when you don’t have anyone who really gets what it is that you do. This is precisely why I started my sales leadership roundtable mastermind group several years ago.

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First 5 Minutes

3 Goals to Hit During Your First Five Minutes With Customers

Ever heard the phrases ‘start strong, finish strong’ or ‘start where you want to end up’? Far too often sales people become overwhelmed with perfecting every second of their sales presentation. Amy O’Connor’s advice? Practice, prepare and perfect the first five minutes of your sales presentation before mastering anything else.

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Goal Clarity

The Most Important Key to Your Success is Goal Clarity

There is one overriding key to success in a goal or a project, and if you miss this you are dead before you get started. The key to success: Goal Clarity. But there is something deeper here. It’s not just about what you see as you visualize your goal. It’s also what you feel.

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