#1 Problem

Do You Know the #1 Problem With Your Closing Questions?

Too often salespeople mistakenly believe that the entire sales process is relational, but that the close is procedural. We build a great relationship by discovering needs and demonstrating the product, but we shift to a different mindset when we get to the close. Closing questions should flow naturally and confidently from the relational tone found in the rest of the sales conversation.

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Top Sales Influencers

Do You Have These Three Character Traits of Top Sales Influencers

Proper influence and persuasion is about making it easy for people to do what is in their best interest to do. Our job in sales is to help people achieve whatever mission they are on. The best helpers are the most successful sale people. How do you become more helpful? Amy O’Connor says to focus on these three character traits.

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5 Stars

How are You Giving Your Customers a Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience?

You’ve been working with a customer for some time but you can’t seem to get them over the edge. What small little token would send a message that says, “You’re special”? What are you doing, in your presentation or your follow-up, that is enhancing your customers experience and making for a more memorable occurrence?

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Decrease and Increase

How You Can Decrease Negativity and Increase Sales

Empathy can be a hard thing to master, and Ryan Taft admits that it is not his greatest strength. He does however, have an awesome technique to use in order to have empathy towards a person rather than getting frustrated with them. The “What If” technique can be a great way to reroute your negativity and turn it into something positive.

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Empathy Advantage

3 Ways the Best Sales People Use the Empathy Advantage

We have all had “those” customers, they are pushy and demanding and, quite frankly, rude. And while I’m not suggesting that we need to put up with people who are abusive in any way, I do believe there is room for empathy in such situations. Here are three ways to use the Empathy Advantage with “those” customers.

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SC Mardi Gras

2017 in Pictures, What did Your Year Look Like?

As I look back at 2017 I can safely say that it was an amazing year of accomplishments. Not just accomplishments for me, but for my team, my clients, our events… the list goes on. So I decided to create a fun blog post reflecting back on some of the highlights of this past year. Since you probably don’t want to read an entire journal worth of memories, I used pictures instead.

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Getting Trophy

1 Simple Change to Have Your Biggest Sales Year Yet!

Are you looking for one change to your sales presentation that could help you to have your biggest year ever? Stop trying to figure out what your customer wants. Too many salespeople constantly think about finding solutions. Great salespeople constantly think about how to understand what the customer is moving FROM.

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key to success

3 Keys to Finding Your Success in Sales and in Life

Success! Be successful! Work for your success! These directives are everywhere. Becoming successful comes with so much pressure. How are we supposed to become successful? The keys to success are different for everyone. Amy O’Connor shares with us three keys to making your life and your work successful.

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Boring Follow-up

How Boring is Your Sales Follow-Up?

Do you know what the number one problem with sales follow-up is? In a word…it’s boring! Too many salespeople in too many sales organizations practice a check-the-box approach to their follow-up. They send the same boring e-mail with the same boring text. Instead, spend a few minutes coming up with something that really does stand out.

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Sales Closer

The 3 Types of Sales Closers, Which are You?

Closing is about making it easy for people to do what is in their best interest to do. Closing in its purest form is actually all about influencing and persuading others to do things that will improve their lives, and, in that vein, closing becomes something sales people do for buyers not to buyers.

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