Enjoying Entitled Customers

Why Sales People Should Enjoy Their Entitled Customers

I’ve been pondering something lately that many sales professionals complain about – the entitled customer. That moniker is usually offered in a derogatory way, but great companies raise the bar of expectations; they literally invite a sense of entitlement from their customers.

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Embracing Entitled Customer

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Entitled Customers

Ryan Taft loves easy customers. But, he loves difficult customers as well, even when they take more of our time and frustrate us. “Yeah…but Ryan, they are such a pain in the rear!” True, but here are 3 reasons why you should embrace your entitled and difficult customers as much as your easy customers.

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3 needs

3 Follow-Up Techniques Your Customers Need From You

Hello. I’m a prospect and I need your help. And I don’t just need that help while we are meeting face-to-face. My buying process is lengthy and complicated, and I have questions and concerns that come at me from out of nowhere. Specifically, I need three things from you.

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Saying no

3 Ways Sales People Can Say “No” to Their Customer

Sales professionals love to be loved. That is what makes saying “no” so uncomfortable. Top professionals have learned, however, that skirting around an issue for fear of disappointing a customer is a rotten strategy that only leads to future problems.

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3 Mistakes Sales People Make When Following-Up

Ryan Taft has never met a sales professional that didn’t agree that follow-up is essential to a healthy sales career. It doesn’t matter if you sell, cars, homes, medical supplies or dog food, follow-up is essential. His experience as a consumer and as a sales coach is that there are three common mistakes made in follow-up.

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How to Increase Your Sales Success Through Networking

Some people find networking uncomfortable, and I have to admit, I am one of those people. While at an event recently I was convicted by how well a friend of mine worked the room. He was not just trying to meet new people, he was building relationships. That’s something we all should be doing.

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