5 Tips to Boost Your Sales and Still Have a (Happy) Life

By Amy O’Connor

For those of us in sales, we do it because we love it. We love the people and helping them improve their lives. We love the financial rewards that come with being really good at our job.

We love the dynamic environment that is constantly changing. Sometimes we love it so much and become so wrapped-up with capturing and converting every single sell that we don’t know when to stop.

​We can’t seem to shut it off. Ultimately many of us find ourselves working crazy hours and achieving great success, but our personal life suffers.

​So the question is, can you be a high performing, high-earning sales person and still live a happy life? Yes! Yes you can.

​Here are some tips:

1. Set Boundaries

​A question that only you can answer is: when are you available and when are you not? Being “on” and “available” all the time is a recipe for burnout.

Most commissioned sales people I know will take a call from a potential buyer any time day or night. And I’m not telling you shouldn’t do that. That’s up to you. I’m simply suggesting that you don’t have to do that to be successful.

​Please understand that you train people how to treat you, and if the message is “I’m always available,” then don’t complain when your buyer calls you at 11:00 pm on a Sunday.

​Set your boundaries, communicate them clearly, and then stick to them! It’s OK and even important to have some “off limits” time for you.

2. Be Where You Are

​When you are at work, be at work. Be 100% focused on your buyers and give them all that you have. And when you are at home, be at home.

​Give yourself, your loved ones, family and friends all that you have. Be present. A great book on this is “The Power of Full Engagement.”

3. ​Plan For Your Financial Future

​For most sales people, commissions are not consistent. We have hugely successful years and scary low years. If you plan for this you can create a budget that will give you balance over time.

​In your big years, do not spend like each year will give you more of the same. In your big years, plan to save more than you normally would. That may not sound like much fun in the moment, but you will be glad you’re able to make your mortgage payment when sales slow down.

4. Get Organized

​I know this is not the top strength of most sales people, but organization will help you clear your mind, be more productive and allow you to really disconnect when you’re not working.

​For some great tips on getting organized, I highly recommend “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

5. Be Grocery Store Worthy

​Be the type of sales person that if you ran into one of your buyers in the grocery store, you wouldn’t have to hide behind the cereals. You should be able to see one of your buyers, wave hello and even yell out “hey, how’s the new purchase treating you?”

​The best way to be grocery store worthy is to be 100% truthful and transparent with all your buyers. Do your best to understand them and help them – even if that means sometimes not making the sale.

To be successful in sales you must be passionate about selling. And yes, sometimes that passionate can turn into obsession, but being full-in on your career doesn’t not mean you have to sacrifice having a happy personal life.

​For those who seek it, you can find happiness and success in both your job and your life.

​Happy selling and happy living!

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About the Author: Amy O'Connor

Amy O'Connor
Amy O’Connor brings a decade’s worth of industry experience and knowledge to her impactful and enlightening seminars. Working hand-in-hand with a majority of the top ten homebuilders in North America — as well as private and regional builders — Amy offers a wealth of real-world expertise managing, coaching and motivating new home sales professionals. Learn more at jeffshore.com and follow Amy on Twitter.