5 Beliefs That are Dramatically Limiting Your Sales Success

By Amy O’Connor 

Mindset is everything in sales. Sales technique is important, but mindset will always guide technique. So, if your mindset is flawed, your technique will also be flawed.

​Here are the top five beliefs that dramatically limit many sales professional’s success:

1. Buyers won’t buy without a discount or incentive

​​​Not true! Buyers buy when they see personal benefit in what you are selling, and they feel good about the value. But, if you consistently discount your product then your buyers will hesitate to pay full price because of the concern that the price will lower the next day.
​The best way to sell, and the customer’s preferred way to buy, is to maintain a stable, transparent price. A buyer will buy at full price today but only if they’re not concerned about what they price will be tomorrow.

2. Buyers don’t like discovery questions

​Every buyer has a story, and all buyers want to be heard and understood. Asking discovery questions focused on discovering the customer’s mission isn’t only good sales technique, it’s want buyers want!

3. Buyers don’t like being closed

​As I discussed in my last blog post, buyers aren’t afraid of being closed by a salesperson, but buyers are afraid of making a bad decision. Sales people must believe that closing is something we do for our buyers not to our buyers.

​Closing is respectful, and it allows the buyer to process what you’ve shown them and make their own decision.

4. Buyers don’t want to hear ‘no’

​The truth is that buyers actually appreciate hearing ‘no’ when the answer is ‘no’. Buyers respect a strong confident salesperson who will give them real answers, and ‘no’ is clarifying.

​When a buyer hears ‘no’, they are sure that they have all the information needed and can move forward with making their purchasing decision.

5. Buyer’s don’t want us to follow-up

​If you believe that your buyers don’t want to hear from you after they’ve left, then you probably think following up is pushy or aggressive. Appropriate follow-up is neither. Appropriate follow up is helpful to the buyer.

​​The best way to change your mindset around follow up is to get the buyer to agree to the follow-up before they leave. Establishing the when and why with your buyer will take the awkwardness out of making that much needed call.

These are the top five sales limiting beliefs that I see, but I’d ask you: What are your sales limiting beliefs? What beliefs do you hold that are negatively effecting your sales technique.

​Tackle your negative mindsets by replacing them with strong mindsets and watch your sales coming pouring in!


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About the Author: Amy O'Connor

Amy O’Connor brings a decade’s worth of industry experience and knowledge to her impactful and enlightening seminars. Working hand-in-hand with a majority of the top ten homebuilders in North America — as well as private and regional builders — Amy offers a wealth of real-world expertise managing, coaching and motivating new home sales professionals. Learn more at jeffshore.com and follow Amy on Twitter.