Buy It Now—The Future of Proptech is Here

By Builder Designs

As technology has continued to evolve throughout the years, the tools we now have available to us have allowed us to continuously create a better buying experience within the homebuilding industry. At Builder Designs, our team of industry professionals has spent years listening to the growing needs of our customers and enhancing our offerings in order to fully meet those needs whenever they arise. Furthering our advancements in property technology (proptech) has allowed us to create a seamless model for buying a home that is intrinsically clear for potential homeowners to follow while at the same time, compressing the sales cycle in order to save time and money for sales professionals—and one specific tool that will work to benefit the industry in this way is our Buy It Now feature.

Looking to the industry

In order to create the technology that revolutionizes the industry, we must first look at today’s homebuyers to understand what it is that they need from us in order for them to gain a streamlined buying experience. Today’s potential homeowners are looking for a straightforward process when it comes to buying homes—and as we look at what that means for the future of the industry, we need to relate that to the future of proptech. 

Taking buyer behavior into account is one factor that will always be top-of-mind for industry leaders, and consumers in the new home construction industry are setting their sights on proptech. In order to get ahead in this day and age, builders will need to meet them head-on in their goal to create a seamless process of buying a home. Demand for homes continues to skyrockets across the country, and it’s crucial to listen to consumers in order to make any necessary modifications to the way we do business in order to stay ahead of their needs. Consumers are looking for convenience—for a way to speed up the process while keeping it simple and easy to understand. This is where Buy It Now comes into the equation.

Creating Buy It Now

What began as a simple question regarding how we could help create an easier buying process for potential homeowners today, the end result seemed incredibly simple once we said it out loud. We can purchase almost anything online nowadays, and yet, the same couldn’t be said about our homes—until now, that is. Changes are happening within the industry, and consumers are reveling in new ways of home buying like our very own Buy It Now feature.

The steps that makeup Buy It Now are as easy to follow as the name suggests. For select homes on our clients’ sites, consumers will be able to instantly reserve the home of their dreams by selecting the buy it now button, filling out some of their information in a secure form, and putting down a deposit. Once the first step of the process is finalized, the home they selected will automatically be listed as unavailable online while the internal team reaches out to the potential buyer in order to start the next step in the process. The buyer will have five days to complete the reservation on the home, and if they decide it’s simply not the right fit for them—they’ll be able to receive a full refund on their deposit right away, truly making it a risk-free endeavor for today’s potential homeowners. Purchasing a new home should be an exciting time in someone’s life—so we’ve taken the stress out of it. Buying a new home has never been easier, and with products such as Buy It Now quickly making their way onto the scene, the future of proptech continues to look bright.

Coming up with the solutions

Our work at Builder Designs has always been about doing whatever we can to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. Our incredibly talented team works non-stop in order to create new products that will better the way homes are sold—and with our Buy It Now feature ready to be added to our clients’ websites, we are excited to see where our work goes from here. 

As we look ahead to the future of proptech, Buy It Now is leading the charge, but there will always be more to come. Our team is ready to continue creating even more technology that betters the online experience for future homebuyers while at the same time, partnering with our clients to ensure their marketing strategies show the true capabilities this technology has to offer as the world of proptech continues to grow. 

To learn more about Buy It Now and the additional technology and services we offer that are changing the way both builders and buyers navigate home sales, give us a call at (913) 393-3367 or email [email protected]

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