The Power of “Easy Equals Right” in Sales

Easy Equals Right in Sales

Your New Sales Mantra: Easy Equals Right

By Jeff Shore

There is a powerful mantra that can significantly impact your sales success: “Easy equals right.” Learn to delve deep into the importance of making things easy for your customers and how it can lead to positive sales outcomes. Explore the profound psychological rule that customers unknowingly follow and discover practical strategies to simplify complex processes, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting your sales performance.

The Psychological Rule Customers Follow

Unbeknownst to customers, there exists a vital psychological rule that influences their decision-making process: easy equals right. Complex and convoluted processes often lead to confusion and hesitation, while straightforward solutions instill confidence and ease. By embracing and leveraging this rule, you can revolutionize your sales approach, build trust with customers, and achieve remarkable results.

Making Sales Easy for Customers

The homebuying process can be daunting for customers due to its complexity and mysterious nature. Great salespeople recognize this and strive to simplify the experience. Learn how they employ a “simple stick” approach, going above and beyond to make the process easy for customers. Explore ways to apply this mindset to various industries, such as construction, warranty processes, or obtaining a mortgage.

Building Customer Understanding

Effective communication is the cornerstone of making complex processes easy to grasp for customers. We will provide a practical example of simplifying the mortgage process by focusing on three fundamental questions: understanding how the money will be paid back, assessing the borrower’s payment history, and exploring the consequences of non-payment. By breaking down intricate concepts into digestible explanations, you can empower customers with knowledge, alleviate their fears, and establish a strong foundation of trust.

The Magic Word: Easy

To reinforce the notion that easy equals right, there’s one word you should incorporate into your conversations with customers: easy. By assuring them that seemingly complex processes are, in fact, easy to navigate, you establish trust and ease their concerns. Learn how to seamlessly integrate this reassuring word into your sales dialogue to create a positive customer experience.


In the highly competitive world of sales, simplicity is the key to success. By wholeheartedly embracing the mantra that easy equals right, you can transform your sales approach, revolutionize customer experiences, and achieve remarkable outcomes. Remember to prioritize understanding your customers’ struggles and finding innovative ways to simplify processes for their benefit. Start implementing the power of “easy equals right” in your sales strategy today and witness the profound impact it has on your business. Together, let’s unlock the potential of simplicity and unlock a world of success in sales.

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the Founder and President of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in psychology-based sales training programs. Using these modern, game-changing techniques, Jeff Shore’s clients delivered over 145,000 new homes generating $54 billion in revenue last year.