Elevating Women’s Influence In The Home Building Industry

Empowering Women's Voices

By Amy O’Connor 

Empowering Women’s Voices: Beyond A Seat at The Table

As a woman in a predominantly male industry, I’ve been told repeatedly that my goal should be to obtain a seat at the table. For years, I made that my mission, but more recently, I’ve come to realize that having a seat at the table means very little. What truly matters is not just a seat but empowering women’s voices at the table.

Having just a seat is passive and does not allow for active contribution. A voice at the table means that we have the power and influence to change the operational direction of the organizations we serve. Women do not simply want to sit and observe, we want to collaborate, engage, and inspire growth and change.  

This sentiment is echoed by many female leaders in the homebuilding industry. They want to belong to an exclusively female tribe where they can openly share, learn, and grow to become better versions of themselves. They want a space where they can be heard, valued, seen, and recognized by others. Unfortunately, there are few mastermind groups that match the specific requirements of female leaders in the industry.  

Fulfilling the Vision: The Women’s Leadership Circle

That’s why I’m passionate about creating a space for them. Our program, the Women’s Leadership Circle, offers a full 360° experience for professional female leaders in homebuilding. Participants will have the opportunity to expand and grow in all directions and aspects of their lives – personal and professional.  

This is not about pushing women to be the opposite of who they are now but about providing the resources for them to elevate to the next level of their success formula and evolve into who they could be. The Women’s Leadership Circle is more than just a program. It’s a community where women can learn and grow together. A place to create clarity on where they are, where they’re going, and what they want their lives to look like. It’s a place to plan, create, and share how to put vision into action.  

Claiming the Voice, Not Just the Seat

As women, we can help each other pave the way for others. We can share our mistakes and our successes. We can collaborate, engage, and inspire growth and change. And by doing so, we can positively influence our industry to be more gender-balanced. 

It’s time for women leaders to have a voice, not just a seat at the table. The Women’s Leadership Circle offers a space for women to collaborate, engage, and inspire growth and change. It’s time to create a community where women can learn and grow together and positively influence the industry. 

Elevate your leadership potential, embrace holistic growth, and forge invaluable connections with like-minded visionaries. Here, it’s not just about having a seat at the table, it’s about raising your voice, igniting change, and shaping the future of your industry. Join us today to unite, inspire, and lead the way toward a more empowered tomorrow. Your seat is ready—claim it now!

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About the Author: Amy O'Connor

As one of the most in-demand sales training consultants in North America today, Amy O’Connor brings a decade’s worth of industry experience and knowledge, along with a fresh female perspective on leadership, to her impactful and enlightening seminars.