Closing the Deal with Confidence: Overcome Your Sales Fears

Overcome Fear of Closing

Closing Doesn’t Need To Be Scary 

There are moments that every new home sales professional dreads, and one of the most common is the final close. After hours of engaging with a potential customer, showing them the perfect home, and negotiating terms, why do salespeople sometimes falter at the most crucial moment? We’ll delve into the two common fears that often hinder successful closings and discover how to overcome them.  

The Fear of Being Pushy 

Fear number one is the apprehension of coming across as too pushy. Sales professionals worry about rushing their customers, not giving them enough time to think about their purchase, and potentially alienating them. The thought process might be, “If my customer wants it, they’ll tell me.” However, this fear can lead to missed opportunities. 

The Fear of Rejection 

The second fear is the fear of hearing the dreaded word “no.” No one enjoys rejection, but it’s a part of the sales process. We must remember that rejection isn’t a personal attack; it’s merely a response to an offer. 

A Tale of Two Closing Experiences 

To illustrate these fears and how to overcome them, let’s take a trip to Napa Valley, the renowned wine-tasting destination. Two contrasting experiences with salespeople offer valuable insights. 

  • At one vineyard, a server named Richard seemingly did everything right during the wine-tasting experience, except for the crucial closing moment. After presenting wines and answering questions, Richard slid a menu across the table and said, “The options are on there; let me know what you think.” This approach felt disengaged and indifferent, leaving the impression that he didn’t want their business. 
  • At Hill Family Estates, salesperson Charlie took a different approach. He engaged the customers, asked questions, and personalized the experience. When it came time to close, Charlie approached each customer individually, recommending specific wines based on their preferences and even inviting them to join the wine club. The enthusiasm and personalized invitation led to substantial sales and lasting customer relationships. 

The Takeaway 

The critical difference between the two experiences was the invitation to purchase. The fear of being too pushy often prevents salespeople from making this essential move. However, your closing isn’t about you; it’s about offering customers the right fit for them and the next exciting step in their lives. 

Overcome Your Fear of Closing 

So, in your next sales presentation, remember not to be a “Richard” instead, be a “Charlie”. Get excited for your customers in this pivotal moment. Inviting them to make a purchase isn’t pushy; it’s an extension of your hospitality and care. By believing in your customer’s ability to purchase and the suitability of your product for them, you can truly change their world. 

In sales, every opportunity counts. Overcome the fear of closing by offering a sincere invitation and taking the chance to help your customers make the right decision. Your fearless approach can lead to successful sales and lasting customer relationships. 

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About the Author: Mary Beth Berry

As an accomplished leader with over a decade's experience at the country's top volume producing builders, Mary Beth Berry is passionate about helping sales professionals achieve excellence using lively and engaging training strategies. When she isn’t working, Mary Beth enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants with her husband of ten years, and playing outside with her two adorable little boys.