Empowering Women in Leadership: The 360-Degree Approach

Empowering Women in Leadership

Elevating Women in New Home Construction With 360-Degree Leadership

I’m going to throw some statistics at you real quick. In America: 

  • Women represent almost 50% of the workforce  
  • Women hold 35% of senior leadership positions 
  • 10.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women 
  • Companies with women executives are 30% more likely to outperform other companies. 

But as I was researching, there was one statistic that hit me hard: 

  • The industry with the second LOWEST percentage of women in leadership (only 18%) is construction/real estate.   

With the number of talented, motivated women in our industry, it makes sense that we need to elevate that percentage and develop our female leaders for better representation at the top of our companies. 

At Shore Consulting, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a woman in a leadership role. That’s why we’re passionate about nurturing and developing women leaders through our specialized programs, including the Women’s Leadership Circle.  

360-Degree Leadership 

As women in our industry, embracing a 360-degree leadership approach is not just beneficial; it’s essential for success and growth.  In our circle, we look to develop our leaders using a wholistic approach focusing on 4 key areas: leading ourselves, leading up, leading our teams, and leading forward.  

Leading Self

Are you the type of leader you would follow?  

Leadership begins from within. For women in leadership positions, self-awareness is the cornerstone of success. Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and emotional intelligence is crucial. Cultivating these aspects requires continuous learning and personal development. This can be achieved through self-reflection, seeking feedback, and embracing lifelong learning. As you grow in self-leadership, you become more equipped to lead others effectively. 

Leading Up

In the context of leadership, ‘leading up’ is about influencing those above you in the organizational hierarchy. It involves presenting your ideas with confidence and advocating for your team. For many women, this can be a challenging aspect of leadership. It requires excellent communication skills and the courage to speak up. Remember, your perspective is valuable, and your insights can drive meaningful change. Build trust with senior leaders by being reliable, prepared, and solution-focused. 

Leading a Team

The hallmark of a great leader is the ability to build and nurture a high-performing team. This involves more than just managing tasks; it’s about inspiring, motivating, and guiding your team members. Create an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. Encourage collaboration and foster a sense of belonging. By doing so, you’ll not only boost team morale but also drive productivity and innovation.  

Leading Forward 

To be a visionary leader, you need to look beyond the day-to-day operations and plan for the future. This aspect of leadership is about setting a clear direction and motivating your team to follow. It involves being proactive, anticipating changes, and preparing your team to adapt. Encourage your team to think creatively and take calculated risks. By leading forward, you are not just achieving short-term goals but also paving the way for long-term success.  

See You at the Circle 

The journey of a woman in leadership is multifaceted and can be deeply rewarding.  By mastering the art of leading self, leading up, leading a team, and leading forward, you set the stage for a fulfilling and impactful career in our industry – a journey not just about your personal success, but also about inspiring and uplifting those around you.  

At Shore Consulting, we are committed to empowering women like you to reach your full potential. We understand the unique challenges you face and offer tailored support, an arsenal of actionable tools, and guidance to help you navigate your leadership path with confidence.  

We would like to invite you to connect with like-minded professionals, gain invaluable insights and take your leadership skills to new heights. Whether you are just starting out in leadership or are an experienced leader looking to enhance your capabilities and scale your business.  The Women’s Leadership Circle is the perfect place for you.  

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? To learn more and become a part of this exciting initiavie, visit our website! 

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About the Author: Mary Beth Berry

As an accomplished leader with over a decade's experience at the country's top volume producing builders, Mary Beth Berry is passionate about helping sales professionals achieve excellence using lively and engaging training strategies. When she isn’t working, Mary Beth enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants with her husband of ten years, and playing outside with her two adorable little boys.