Captivating Exterior-Oriented Home Buyers

exterior-oriented home buyers

Selling Your Buyer on The Exterior of A Home 

When it comes to home buying, what catches a customer’s eye first? Is it the spacious kitchen, the cozy family room, or perhaps the welcoming back porch? If you think it’s a straightforward answer, think again. The reality might surprise you: a significant portion of home buyers – about one-third, in fact – are more captivated by a home’s exterior than its interior. We’ll delve into the nuances of selling to exterior-oriented buyers. 

Understanding Exterior-Oriented Buyers 

Exterior-oriented buyers have a unique perspective. They prioritize the outside look and feel of a home – its architectural style, the views it offers, the privacy of the outdoor spaces, and the overall streetscape. For these buyers, the first impression of the home’s exterior can be a major deciding factor, often even more so than the interior layout and design. 

The First Impression Matters 

The initial approach to a home can significantly influence a buyer’s decision. The journey begins not inside, but outside the home. This first impression is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the viewing. Sales professionals should therefore consider starting the tour by showcasing the exterior features that make the property stand out. 

Engaging with the Exterior 

It’s important to engage buyers right from the moment they lay eyes on the property. This can be done by parking across the street to allow a full view of the home, asking for their first impressions, and understanding what specifically they are drawn to. This approach helps in making the buyers visualize themselves in that space, enhancing their emotional connection to the property. 

Listening and Tailoring the Experience 

Effective sales involve listening to the buyer’s feedback and tailoring the home showing experience to their preferences. If a buyer is exterior-oriented, spend more time discussing and showcasing the outdoor features, the architecture, and how the home fits into the larger neighborhood context. 

The Sales Journey 

Remember, showing a home is more than just a step in the sales process; it’s a continuation of the discovery conversation that started much earlier. Ask questions, listen intently, and encourage the buyers to imagine their life in and around the home. This holistic approach not only caters to the buyer’s preferences but also builds trust and rapport. 

Understand Your Buyer First 

Selling to exterior-oriented home buyers requires a shift in perspective and approach. By understanding what’s important to each buyer and tailoring the experience accordingly, sales professionals can demonstrate their commitment to meeting the buyer’s needs. This not only enhances the buyer’s experience but also sets you apart as a trusted and attentive sales professional. 

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About the Author: Michelle Bendien

With over two decades of diverse experience in the new home building industry, Michelle Bendien brings her intellect, world-class communication skills and passion for real estate to help sales teams across the country to achieve mastery level selling skills.