2 Top Challenges Facing Home Builders and How To Overcome Them

How To Overcome Top Challenges Facing Home Builders With AtlasRTX AI

Feeling the stress from the big challenges facing home builders in the current economy?  

This guide is for you.  

In this post, you’re going to learn exactly how to deploy the home builders’ secret weapon to reduce the stress coming from high interest rates and labor shortages. 

 In fact – 

This approach has helped many of America’s top home builders ease the pain of the two biggest home builder challenges, and even grow the number of new homes sold every month.  

Let’s dive in. 

Challenge #1: Interest Rates

Are interest rates synonymous with a 4-letter word? 

When interest rates are high, home builders suffer.  

High interest rates make homebuyers hesitant to get too far down the home-buying funnel and this throws a wrench in your new home sales.  

It’s easy for homebuyers to assume there is no way they can afford the monthly payment that accompanies high interest rates. 


It’s easy to understand why they make these assumptions.  

When interest rates were 4%, with a $400,000 home on a 30-year loan, homebuyers could land a monthly payment around $1,900 and pay about $287,000 in interest for the lifetime of the loan.  

Fast forward to a higher interest rate of 7%.  

The monthly payments jump up to $2,700 per month for the same loan. The homebuyer pays $560,000 of interest for a whopping difference of $270,000. 

No wonder homebuyers aren’t moving into newer and better homes!  

In reality, most homebuyers care more about the affordability of the monthly payment vs. the overall price of the home.  

The big problem: they don’t know you can reduce the monthly amount and get them into the home they want.  

More often than not – you won’t even get the chance.  

Less opportunities means less homes sold. 

However, there is a little known juicy secret to help overcome this.  

But first – 

Let’s take a look at challenge #2 

Challenge #2: Labor Shortages & the Overall Cost of Labor 

Labor shortages are a serious issue in the homebuilding industry.  

Not only is it harder to find skilled labor – 

With fewer people in the labor force, home builders are forced to raise their wages to hire the help they need.  

Labor shortages cause disruptions in timelines  

Delays make homebuyers unhappy. 

If you’re hiring new employees, your choices are often limited, and you may find yourself hiring less qualified workers, which ultimately leads to substandard production.  

Lower profitability, homebuyer frustrations, and reduction in quality – No thank you.  

Add these issues to Challenge #1 and you have are operating like you have one arm tied behind your back. 

But – There is good news! 

Top home builders have found a way to lessen the pain of the top two challenges. 

The Secret to Overcoming The Top 2 Home Builder Challenges 

AI technology has exploded since December of 2022. Many Home Builders are aware of AI, but don’t know exactly how to implement AI in an impactful way.  

AtlasRTX has been helping Home Builders easily implement AI before AI was cool.  

So What’s The Secret? 

AI Webchat and Text

AI Webchat and Text help overcome the plethora of challenges from high interest rates and labor shortages

Here is how it works: 

When you implement AI Webchat and Text, you unlock some serious benefits. Let’s explore just a few: 

Instant Delivery of Accurate Information

Just because homebuyers can’t afford a home, doesn’t mean they won’t do a little window shopping.  

Buyers may be reluctant to speak to a sales rep about home details, but they have no issues asking via webchat – it’s less threatening if they feel they are not ready for the next step. 

Digital assistants can accurately answer questions, deliver timely information, and help homebuyers understand there are options to reduce monthly payments.  

We have found over and over that people are more willing to provide information to a bot in the beginning than they would be with a real person.  

This helps your prospects get primed and ready to speak to your sales rock stars who can get homebuyers to the finish line.   

Give Information Without the Pressure of a Live Salesperson

Interacting with a digital assistant is more impersonal and feels less risky.  

As homebuyers are browsing online, thinking they can’t afford the monthly payments, your digital assistant can deliver helpful information that will show homebuyers that they really can afford a new home. 

Digital assistants deliver information quickly to help homebuyers understand options for lowering the monthly payment: 

  • Finance options 
  • Down payment assistance programs 
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage information 
  • Ways to boost credit scores 
  • First-time homebuyer grants 
  • Good Neighbor Next Door program. 

AI technology delivers this information when needed, helping to speed up the sales process, which is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the builder.

Easily Bring Third Parties Into the Conversation

In addition to highlighting buying incentives, AI webchat and text can pull lenders and other relevant third parties into the conversation.  

This gives homebuyers a support system consisting of AI and humans, all working together to make buying a home possible. 

AI works best when used alongside human interactions. 

Interact With Buyers Before They Go to a Realtor

AI technology integrated into your website allows you to communicate with buyers early on in the process, before the buyers go to a realtor. 

If the buyer doesn’t have a realtor, this will cost the buyer less and save the builder from paying out commissions. 

Revolutionize Communication With Buyers 24/7

With responsive, always-available communication on your website, homebuyers can reach you at any time, during office hours and out-of-office hours. 

This means you don’t risk prospects going to other home builders because of longer response times.   

You won’t need to rely on normal business hours to reach prospects, when they reach out to you after hours (which most of them will), your digital assistant will handle the conversation with ease.  

You save more impactful tasks for team members, after the prospect has been prepared and nurtured through AI chat and text.  

Make Your Business More Attractive to the Best Applicants Out There

When you have better communication and follow up with prospects leveraging the latest and greatest with AI, you will attract more talent.  

Rock star teams in the homebuilding space want to work with companies that give them the best opportunities.  

When you eliminate the tasks everybody hates and empower marketing and sales teams with higher quality leads as well as better qualified prospects, you make your company a much better place.  

Not only will this save your rock star team time to focus on what’s important, you will empower them to utilize their talents to grow your business.  

While empowering team members and growing, you can keep all conversations in one place.  

Easily Implement AI To Overcome the Two Biggest Challenges Facing Home Builders

AI Webchat and Text will help you overcome high interest rates and labor shortages.  

AtlasRTX has the home builder technology to help you easily implement AI to start growing today.  

AtlasRTX has unmatched experience  and unique insight into helping builders grow and leverage AI to engage with prospects and have qualified conversations.  

This insight has allowed AtlasRTX to create an AI system that breaks down the barriers between buyers and builders. 

Not only does Atlas have the technology you need to overcome the challenges, they have a team dedicated to helping you implement the changes so you can reap the rewards as soon as possible.  

Using AtlasRTX webchat and text tools, buyers interact with a digital assistant who identifies and qualifies leads. Our technology gives home builders the ability to: 

  • Free up team members to focus on important tasks 
  • Saves time and resources to invest more in finding the right talent 
  • Dramatically improve speed to lead 
  • Prioritize leads 
  • Receive honest feedback from prospects 
  • Personalize every conversation 
  • Enrich every conversation with better data 
  • Increase response rates 
  • Chat and text in multiple languages 
  • Offer 24/7 service without burn out 
  • Retain data even after turnover happens
  • Automatically enter lead data from the website to your CRM 
  • Effortlessly follow up with prospects 

And the list goes on and on.  

Learn more about AI technology for home builders. Contact AtlasRTX today!

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