What A Preschooler Can Teach You About Handling Objections In Sales

handling objections in sales

A Preschoolers Guide To Handling Objections In Sales

Have you ever faced a situation where the simplest, most unexpected source provided you with a profound insight? This happened to me recently, and it completely shifted my perspective on handling objections in sales, especially in the challenging arena of new home sales. Today, I want to share this revelation with you, hoping it will enrich your sales techniques as much as it did mine. 

Learning from the Unlikeliest of Teachers 

The inspiration for this came from none other than my four-year-old son, Charlie. Yes, you heard that right—a preschooler. Charlie, like any other child, has his moments of stubbornness, especially when it comes to eating his breakfast. This particular morning, I tried introducing a whole grain English muffin along with his favorite avocado. True to form, he devoured the avocado but left the muffin untouched. 

When I insisted he eat his muffin, Charlie simply asked, “But Mommy, why?” I explained it was to ensure he had enough energy for the day, to which he responded with a burst of energy, running around the table, proving he had more than enough energy without needing the muffin. Eventually, we compromised on half a muffin, but the interaction left me thinking. 

The Preschooler’s Approach to Handling Objections 

Charlie’s approach to my objection was enlightening. He remained calm, curious, and completely unfazed. He didn’t get defensive or upset; instead, he sought to understand the core of my objection. What stood out was how he clarified and isolated the main concern—his energy levels—and addressed it directly. 

This experience brought to light a powerful lesson in handling sales objections. Often, we might rush to solve a customer’s concern without fully understanding it or, worse, try to switch their focus elsewhere. However, adopting Charlie’s preschooler mindset—staying unfazed, clarifying the objection, and addressing the core issue—can lead us to more effective solutions. 

Applying Preschool Wisdom to New Home Sales 

Imagine you’re dealing with a customer who objects to the size of a backyard, claiming it’s too small. Instead of immediately offering a different property or trying to downplay the concern, take a moment to be like Charlie. Ask “Why?” Delve deeper with more questions to truly understand the concern. Perhaps they have a large, energetic dog that needs space. Suddenly, you’re not dealing with a homesite problem but a dog energy problem, which is far easier to manage. 

Channel Your Inner Preschooler 

The next time you face an objection, remember to channel your inner preschooler. Stay calm, be genuinely curious, and seek to understand the main concern. This approach not only makes you more relatable and trustworthy but also allows you to address the customer’s needs more effectively. Collaborate with your buyer to find solutions that truly resonate with their concerns. Confirm that your solutions align with their needs, and you’ll find the path to a successful sale much smoother. 

Sales, especially in new home sales, is all about connection, understanding, and problem-solving. By adopting a preschooler’s mindset, we open ourselves up to more meaningful interactions and innovative solutions. So, the next time you’re faced with an objection, remember Charlie’s lesson: remain unfazed, seek to understand, and address the core issue. This simple, yet profound approach can transform how you handle objections, making you a more effective and empathetic sales professional. 

And for my fellow sales professionals out there, remember this journey is all about learning and growing. Each objection is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and refine your approach. Keep channeling your inner preschooler, stay curious, and keep evolving.

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About the Author: Mary Beth Berry

As an accomplished leader with over a decade's experience at the country's top volume producing builders, Mary Beth Berry is passionate about helping sales professionals achieve excellence using lively and engaging training strategies. When she isn’t working, Mary Beth enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants with her husband of ten years, and playing outside with her two adorable little boys.