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Building a home from the ground up is a dream for many Americans, empowering them with the freedom to customize a property that perfectly fits their family, lifestyle, and individual needs. And with aspiring homeowners facing high mortgage rates and nightmare closing schedules, opting for a new construction home can be a very appealing route. That was the case for Jen Joy of Florida and her family. While Jen didn’t set out to buy a new construction home, once all of her options were laid on the table, the decision to buy new and sell her existing home to Opendoor was a no brainer.

For many homeowners, buying and selling a home at the same time can feel like a nearly impossible feat. We found that 77% of new homebuyers say that moving is the most stressful aspect of the home buying process. Particular challenges include trying to time closing dates to avoid the hassle of moving twice, not being able to sell your home quickly enough to take advantage of builder incentives, the financial burden of a double mortgage, or even losing out on a dream home due to building delays.

Since 2017, homeowners looking to buy a new build home have been able to shop with confidence knowing they have a cash offer from Opendoor and can time the close of their existing home with that of their new construction home — effectively eliminating the stressors that come with the buying-selling double header. These homeowners have used Opendoor’s new build trade-in program.

Jen Joy took advantage of this program when she stumbled upon a picture perfect neighborhood with a model house by one of Opendoor’s homebuilder partners. Jen was able to get a competitive cash offer and sell directly to Opendoor, so they skipped the hassles of listing their home and managing repairs and showings. Plus, they were able to line-up their closing dates with their new build move-in date, eliminating the need for double moves or mortgages.

“We had no idea what the process of building a new home and simultaneously selling ours would be like, but I’m sure glad we did it.” said Jen. “The entire process and customer service from both the homebuilder and Opendoor was so seamless and pleasant that my father ended up doing the exact same thing a few months later! It worked out perfectly.”

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