A year long mastermind for sales leaders who are ready to expand their impact, their inner work and their influence.


As a Roundtable Alumni, chances are you’re ready to…

  • Deepen your network and connect with a high-level group of thinkers.
  • Create momentum in your business even during unprecedented times.
  • Feel more confident and clear in mapping out what’s next throughout the year.
  • Strategically grow your team’s capabilities to become market-proof.
  • Amplify your purpose, find deeper meaning in your work and increase your earning potential.

In 2022, you will MEET WITH JEFF SHORE and your Alumni Circle peers for…

Session #1
Full day Alumni Circle mastermind workshop with Jeff Shore in Savannah, GA on March 11, 2022.

QUARTERLY FOCUS: Vision Casting. How to create a vision that people are inspired to follow.

Session #2
The Sales Leadership Summit plus a special pre-Summit bonus workshop with Jeff Shore the day before The Summit begins in Austin, TX on July 19, 2022.

QUARTERLY FOCUS: Redefining “Pushy”. How to “push” people out of their comfort zones and allow them to reach their true potential.

Session #3
Full day Alumni Circle mastermind workshop with Jeff Shore in Jackson Hole, WY on October 14, 2022.

QUARTERLY FOCUS: Life Modeling. How to set the example for demonstrating a life well-lived.

Session #4
Personal 2022 goals review and coaching session with Jeff Shore (November/December)

QUARTERLY FOCUS: Goal Acceleration. How to see the business plan as the floor and the collective potential as the real goal.

Your 2022 Membership ALSO INCLUDES:

  • Twice-monthly accountability video chats with Jeff and your Alumni Circle peers
  • A “refresher” seat at any Sales Leadership Roundtable workshop with Jeff during the year (unlimited!)
  • As-needed phone and email support to address individual issues, challenges and opportunities
  • An all-access ticket to Sales Leadership Summit 2022 in Austin, TX ($1699 value!)
  • Exclusive access to the Shore Consulting library of tools, techniques and team resources

What Alumni Are Saying…

“One thing you can know about a mastermind group is that when you’re in the storm, you’re in it with people that will help you not only survive, but thrive.”

John Christy, Alumni Circle Member 2017-2022

“In the Alumni Circle I had a sounding board, a resource group and a quick connection to Jeff to talk through the challenges we were seeing, have ideas shared and better prepare my team.”

Jaymie Dimbath, Alumni Circle Member 2020-2022

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Cassandra Grauer

How would it feel to receive support that looks like…

  • Accountability with a coach who knows how to help you achieve your goals.
  • A tight-knit community to solve problems and celebrate with you in real-time.
  • Strategies and systems to minimize the learning curve, while maximizing impact.
  • Access to experts, influencers and teachers who are serving in a big way.
  • Deep inner work to uncover the blocks that have been holding you back in business and in life.

What Alumni Are Saying…

“Jeff has done such a great job selecting individuals for this group that are not only supportive, but rally around each other. And the bonus is the support from Jeff and his team.”

Tana Lehman, Alumni Circle Member 2020-2022

“It all started with the huddle calls. I was amazed each and every time how relevant the information was and in almost every instance it had to do with a topic I was dealing with at that very moment.”

Rod Broker, Alumni Circle Member 2020-2022

Join This Unique Community Of Sales Leaders To 10X Your Success, Connection AND Contribution

Let’s not forget the secret sauce that makes the Roundtable Alumni Circle so powerful: strengthening your relationships.

In business, the biggest breakthroughs never happen as you sit behind your computer or in your office.

The real needle-movers happen through relationships. Your journey in the Alumni Circle opens a world of opportunities to create a monumental impact on your business and your life.

What Alumni Circle Members Are Saying…

“As a Roundtable Alumni Circle member you will continue on the path of knowledge acquisition in a very fun environment. You are challenged by your peers and Jeff alike and there is a furthering of the relationships with a few of your original Roundtablers. In short, you are making friends for life in your chosen career field. It is an amazing experience and one that I would recommend to one and all.”


Director of Sales, Bluejack National

“What a rewarding year with the Alumni Circle! Jeff exceeded my expectations with fresh topics and content that were applicable to my personal and sales leadership world! Enjoyed the video calls with the group too, thanks for an incredible year!”


Director of Sales, Inspired Communities

“Why have I continued to stay involved in the Alumni Circle? In a word, confidence. If you want to continue building the confidence you gained during your year in the Roundtable, jump into the Alumni Circle and keep the momentum going. Ongoing, consistent interaction with Shore Consulting and the members of the AC have undoubtedly made me a better leader and person. If you want to keep growing, this is a great way to do it.”


President, Destination Homes

“I needed a redirect in my mindset. I needed a jumpstart and jolt from the day to day distractions from sitting behind the desk. I needed the comradery and collaboration from highly successful Sales Leaders around the nation. I needed the Jeff Shore Roundtable 2.0 also known as the Alumni Circle. If you are in need for a deeper dive from your amazing experience that you went through at Jeff’s Roundtable; you need to be a part of the Alumni Circle. The topics, the discussion, the collaborative idea and best practice sharing, and being led and coached by Jeff Shore is an experience that will take the Roundtable to the next level. I know once we wrap up and finish our Alumni Circle for 2018, I will be left with the feeling to run it back for 2019 and be apart of this amazing experience once again.”


Vice President of Sales, Century Communities