Are You Tracking Your Own Leading Indicators?

Are you using KLIs to look at your business? Mark Hunter explains Key Leading Indicators. These are things we need to monitor closely to gauge what changes a business may need to make to either prevent an issue or capitalize on an opportunity.

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Are You a Sales Doctor or Sales Dealer?

To often in the home sales industry, sales pros try to provide their clients with excellent service but haven’t determined or diagnosed their needs. Nancy Smith shows us that out of respect for the client, we need to understand their motives, needs and desires, then direct them to the home options that best meets their needs.

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Do You Have a Loser’s Mindset or a Losing Mindset?

Let’s face it, anyone who’s gotten anywhere in life has failed. Failure is a part of winning. If you’re not failing, you’re not stretching yourself. So when Amy O’Connor talks about the loser’s mindset, she’s not talking about failure. It’s often a person’s response to failure that defeats them; and succumbing to your failures is a losing proposition.

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What is Your Strategy When Setting Goals?

Goal-setting is a very popular topic, unfortunately, for as popular as it is, goal-setting is not something often done well. In this article, Kelly Riggs dives deep into the ways people DO set goals and the ways that they SHOULD set goals.

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Why Are You Helping Your Clients Under-Invest?

Anthony Iannarino took over my blog for the day and dug deep into one of the areas salespeople need to do better work; preventing their clients from under investing. Many salespeople believe that lowering their price is the way to serve their clients, but it’s actually hurting them.

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3 Ways You Can Actually Deal With Mean Customers

Do you want incremental sales? Then look for the mean (a.k.a. difficult) buyers. Nobody is being nice to them! Nobody is giving them the time of day. Amy O’Connor’s advice is to zero in on the mean buyers and go full force to win them over. It’s one of the smartest ways to boost your sales.

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Breaking free

5 Ways You Can Bust Free of a Sales Slump

Let’s be honest. If you’re in a sales funk you don’t need the same old advice you’ve heard before. It could be good advice and helpful in slowly working your way out of your slump. But if you want to LEAP out of your slump, here are five ways you can do it.

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Boteched Sales

6 Lessons You Learn From a Botched Sale

Jill Konrath is a great mind in the sales world. As a speaker, author, and thought-leader, she knows what it takes to succeed in sales. But just like the rest of us, she’s made her mistakes. Here are six important lessons you can learn from a major sales blunder that she made.

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