Engage Customers Emotionally

3 Ways to Engage Your Customer Emotionally

The Problem: sales demonstrations based on facts and features. The Conflict: customer’s make purchase decisions based on emotions. In fact, take emotion away and a customer literally cannot make a decision. Here are three ways you can engage your customers emotionally.

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Don't Listen to 1 Percent

Don’t Ever Change Your Sales Path for 1% of Your Customers

You are a professional. Therefore, Amy O’Connor is certain you have a process – a sales path that you follow with your customers. Kudos to you. Of course are consistently looking for ways to improve your technique. There is one place she would tell you not to look for sales advice: the 1%.

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Angry Customer

5 Ways to Win Over Your Mean, Nasty & Crazy Customers

As Ryan Taft works with sales pros across the country, he hears horror stories of nasty and contentious customers that even the best of the best would want to avoid. But, nasty people are a huge opportunity for you to close more sales. Most people have zero desire to work with someone who is “difficult.” They are virtually an untapped market.

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Positive Outlook

Here’s How Positivity Makes You a Better Salesperson

There is an aura to positivity – an undefined and highly contagious energy. We gravitate to positive people. We’ll even pay for positivity. Salespeople share many similar attributes, but a common thread among the sales elite is an infectiously positive outlook.

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Bad Review

3 Ways to Learn From a Bad Customer Review

Recently, Amy O’Connor was speaking at a seminar and a participant wrote a negative review! You can’t please everyone, right? So why did it affect her so deeply? Why did it matter so much? She set out to find answers that might benefit all of us the next time we experience negative feedback. Here’s what she found.

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Price Fixation

3 Ways You Can Conquer Customer Price Fixation

What is it about customers that causes them to fixate on price? I mean, you have a great product and outstanding service – don’t they care about these things? Many factors are actually at play in this situation. But for this discussion, we’ll look at three key issues, all of which come in the form of cognitive biases – or mental inclinations.

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Revolutionize Meetings

5 Ideas for Revolutionizing Your Weekly Sales Meetings

Who likes sales meetings less – the poor salespeople being forced to attend them or the overworked sales managers who dread planning and running them? I suggest that both parties often find them excruciatingly uncomfortable – even painful. But, what if you could change that paradigm? Amy O’Connor shows you 5 ways to rock your next sales rally.

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