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How to Ask Your Prospect Amazingly Powerful and Insightful Sales Questions

Want to get better insights on your sales prospect? Ask better questions. Here's how to pose some amazingly powerful sales questions.
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How Quickly Do You Follow Up With Your Sales Prospects? [Infographic]

When it comes to follow-up, do you think that being the first-mover gives you an advantage? Check out your competition in this new infographic.
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Why Good News Is So Important to Your Sales Prospect

Your sales prospect's world is already full of negativity, crisis and bad news. So what they actually need from you is some good news!
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Are You Drowning Your Customer In Mounds of Sales & Marketing Material?

Feature dumping in a sales presentation is abhorrent, disrespectful and irritating. So why do we still do it with our marketing material?
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How to Boost Your Sales By Creating a Superior Customer Experience (infographic)

Check out this new infographic from Salesforce for ways to boost sales by creating a better brand experience for your customers.
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Learn to Love Your Buyer’s Kids (Or Look Like You Do!)

People with kids are some of your best customers. Do you love and welcome their kids in the process...or at least know how to look like you do?
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Are You Leveraging the Power of Commitment In Your Sales?

When someone asks us to commit, we tend to follow through. Here's how to actively gain customer commitments in your sales process.
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The Powerful Question You Should Ask Yourself During Every Sales Conversation

My newest article from is out now!
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How to Radically Improve Your Sales Follow-Up With One Simple Tip

Some salespeople think follow up is intrusive and tedious. But what if I told you the secret to making your buyer WANT to talk with you again?
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3 Powerful Questions to Help You Succeed On Your Sales Team

Salespeople tend to see themselves as independent and self-sufficient. But being a part of team is far more rewarding than going it alone.
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