3 Common Obstacles Blocking Your Sales Goals

Any time you shoot for more than the status quo, you raise your “test potential.” And these tests typically come through obstacles – obstacles that threaten to throw you off course. The question is… will you pass the test?

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3 Reasons Why You Make More Sales with Goal Clarity

Nowadays, so much attention focuses on the how of goal-setting. Unfortunately, we spend far too little time thinking about why we set goals. Goal achievement is a noble pursuit. But we are infinitely more successful in reaching our dreams when we have a well-defined awareness of goal clarity.

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Great Salespeople Are Great “Understanders”. Are You?

Stephen Covey said it well: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to respond.” As sales professionals, we would do well to pay attention to Covey’s cautionary observation. This subtle change could produce major results.

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5 Pro Tips for Great Salespeople You Can Use Right Now

Top sales performers are obsessed with lead conversion. Great salespeople stay focused on moving the right buyers through the process quickly. Amy O’Connor shares some pro tips on how to effectively achieve lead conversion – which leads to becoming a great salesperson!

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Do You Suffer From Premature Problem Solving?

As Ryan Taft trains across the country he sees a tendency in sales professionals to solve customers’ problems too fast. You are probably thinking, “Dude…that’s our job.” I know. Technically, solving problems is your job , but what if you’re prematurely trying to solve a problem before you truly understand it? If you do, you’re likely to provide an incorrect solution for your customer.

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