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Win the Sale by Treating Your Presentation Like a Play

The curtain rises: a customer walks through your door. This is your cue. You have a line. What is it? You do have one, don’t you?
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Why You Should Desperately Avoid Being A Low-Pressure Salesperson

Salespeople and customers alike perceive the word "pressure" negatively. But what about applying pressure in the customer's best interest?
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Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Customer’s Objection?

A negative reaction gives momentum to the objections you frequently hear. But a neutral or positive response says, “This is no big deal.”
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Are Your Stretch Goals Really a Stretch?

The most successful people set goals meticulously and track them diligently. Here are a few best practices to stretch yourself.
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Why Your Buyers Try So Hard NOT to Like Salespeople

Buyers hold a predetermined expectation of what it means to work with a salesperson. So how can we strategically shift their paradigm?
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How to Transform Role-Playing Into Mastery Building

Sales people struggle with role-playing because they are put in positions of glorified public failure. So let's redefine role-playing.
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How to Make a Deal With Your Entitled Customer

Some customers really dish it out to grind you down into a lopsided deal. I encourage you to tactfully and professionally dish it back!
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Craft a Cultural-Identity Message That Employees Will Want to Repeat

A company’s identity message is not a phrase taken from its mission statement or even the tagline we hear in its advertising.
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3 Ways You Can Avoid Becoming a Nuisance to Your Customer

Customers react to a pesky salesperson the same way they react to a mosquito: they run away! Here are three ways to avoid becoming a nuisance.
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How to Find Your Motivation + Demonstration Connection

Why do you do what you do? A people-first paradigm will radically refocus your purpose. And, in return, deliver transformational results.
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