Buyers feel stupid

3 Ways We Make Buyers Feel Stupid :(

When’s the last time you woke up and said, “Boy, I sure I hope I make a fool out of myself in front of everyone today?” If people don’t like feeling stupid in regular, everyday life, then they really don’t like to feel stupid when they are a buyer. Here are the top three ways salespeople make their buyer’s feel stupid.

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Mystery Shopping

Would You Ever Order a Mystery Shop for Yourself?

Mystery shopping – These two little words can evoke some pretty powerful emotions. I’m curious. What was your gut reaction when you read the words mystery shopping? Was it fear, anxiety, nervousness, perhaps even anger? But mystery shopping can be a weapon used for good.

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Close Your Bickering Customers By Following the Passion

In sales, it is fairly common to have more than one person involved in the purchase decision. Whatever the scenario, when there are multiple people involved in the buying process, it can get complicated. So what do you do when she likes it and he doesn’t?

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Annoying Customer

3 Tips to Help You Handle Clingy Buyers

It’s every salesperson’s worst nightmare – the buyer who sucks you dry. The buyer who dominates all your time and attention. They take, take, take until you have nothing left to give and then they take some more. And sometimes they end up buying nothing at all! Here are three tips for dealing with that stage four clinger.

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Changing Perceptions

5 Ways to Change the Perceptions of Your Customers

There is a certain unflattering mental picture that comes into the minds of many potential buyers when they think of salespeople. And no, it’s not fair. But the customer is entitled to their perceptions and opinions just like we are. We just need to remember one important fact – we aren’t “that guy” or “that lady”!

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3 Ways You Might Be a Selfish Sales Professional

Why are common perceptions of salespeople, slick, smarmy, schmoozer, huckster, or hustler? Why do salespeople today come across as having little concern for the best interest of the customer? It could come down to one of three issues.

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5 Tricks To Keep You Going When It’s Time to Execute!

I admit it. I love to challenge deadlines. The rush to meet a deadline inspires me. But procrastination is also a sure-fire way to produce mediocre work. That’s why I keep my fool-proof remedy for procrastination on hand at all times. Here are 5 ways I kick procrastination’s butt!

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