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4 Steps to Help You Handle Those Tough Sales Objections

If a buyer is discussing an objection with you, then it is not a deal breaker - it is a deal pauser! Here's how to move the sale forward.
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Why “This Product Sells Itself” Is Basically the Most Ridiculous Idea Ever

From time to time I hear people say, “This product sells itself.” Malarkey. I’m sorry to disagree, but nothing sells itself.
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5 Steps to Creating a Pricelessly Loyal Customer

If you are in sales, you will deal with unhappy customers. Here are 5 tips for converting unfortunate circumstances into customer loyalty.
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Stop the Resolution Insanity! Why You Should Set a Goal Instead

Why are New Year's Resolutions so perilous? Mostly because they are not resolutions. They are typically wishes, hopes, and feeble dreams.
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Why Breaking Down Your Sales Price Might Just Be Ridiculous

Emotional intangibles cannot be reduced to a "10 cups of coffee" comparison. Reducing your price to the ridiculous is just that: ridiculous!
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How to Recover When You Say Something Horribly Wrong

I once said something during a sales presentation that was so embarrassing I have never admitted it to anyone. What do you do in that moment?
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Want to Build Confidence Before Popping the Question to Your Customer?

Sales isn't about getting a big “yes” or “no” at the end of a presentation. In fact, you should already know the answer before you ask!
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Do You Need a Great New Idea? Stand On the Shoulders of Giants

My newest article from is out now!
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Can You Serve Your Customer Better by Asking for the Sale?

Achieving your sales goals and serving your customer are not mutually exclusive activities - so stop apologizing already!
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How Do You Learn to “Serve the Song” in Sales?

To serve a song, a musician does not indulge or showcase their own talent but instead attempts to highlight the nature of the music.
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