5 Tricks To Keep You Going When It’s Time to Execute!

I admit it. I love to challenge deadlines. The rush to meet a deadline inspires me. But procrastination is also a sure-fire way to produce mediocre work. That’s why I keep my fool-proof remedy for procrastination on hand at all times. Here are 5 ways I kick procrastination’s butt!

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Why Curiosity is Great for Your Business

Networking is not an easy thing for many people, and I admit that it is nowhere near my favorite thing. But I am curious by nature, and I enjoy learning from people. Now I use my curiosity to my advantage.

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Sales team trust

Are You A Leader Your Sales Team Can Trust?

Trust nurtures healthy relationships and healthy relationships encourage improved personal and group performance. Nancy Smith has experienced three important facets of trust in the workplace. If any one is missing you risk losing the respect, and ultimately, the productivity, of your employees.

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Technology Overload

Are You Feeling Overrun By Sales Technology?

Keeping up with technological advances is important in today’s digitally savvy marketplace. But obsession with technology can also pose problems. In sales, exceptional customer experience must always remain our primary objective – no matter what impressive tools we may have at our disposal.

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Extraordinary mindset

Are Your Beliefs and Mindset Extraordinary?

Too often we think of the extraordinary, but then feel scared and start to back off. We come up with rationalizations as to why it cannot be done. If we want to achieve the extraordinary, our first step is to normalize that accomplishment in our brain. We must make the extraordinary normal by re-setting both our beliefs and our mindset!

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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.11.34 PM

Are You Always In a Hurry? Stop and Take Five!

Sales leaders are always in a hurry. You put out fires in a hurry, answer people’s questions in a hurry, and you pretty much do everything in a hurry. It’s just part of what you do. But when it comes to project planning I want to suggest that you slow down, step back, and participate in the Take Five Challenge!

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