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How You Can Leverage the “Why” Behind a Customer’s “What”

How many sales presentations actually made you want to continue the conversation? One? None? So...why is that?
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These 10 Peter Drucker Quotes May Change Your World

My new article on is out now!
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2 Powerful Ways to Become Your Customer’s ‘Assistant Buyer’

The Assistant Buyer paradigm assumes that the sales counselor exists for the customer, not for themselves: "I exist to help you buy."
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How You Can Break the “Groundhog Day” Pattern for Good

Let's face it, our customers wind up living the same sales experience over and over and over again. They are in a Groundhog Day pattern.
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The 2 Psychological Factors Motivating Customers to Buy

If you work in sales, it is helpful to understand the psychology behind how buyers make their buying decisions.
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Buyers Are Full of BS (Buyer Strategy)…and Why Shouldn’t They Be?

Don't get upset when your buyers act as strategically as you do! It's YOUR job to elevate your game...
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Be Bold Tour | The Year of Living Boldly

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my BE BOLD AND WIN THE SALE North American Tour
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How to Create an Amazing ‘Front Stage’ Experience for Your Customer

The world of theater arts offers a myriad of lessons to the world of business and, especially, to the world of sales and customer service.
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Don’t Wage a Price War. Win Sales by Eliminating Your Competition.

Let me propose a new sales strategy for your company: “We are the high-price leader. That’s right, no one charges more than us!"
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5 Simple Truths for Dealing With Your Selfish Customer

Here is a news flash for you: Your customer is inherently selfish. It is their job description, for crying out loud.
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