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3 Clear Steps for Accomplishing Your HUGE Goals

So how do you even begin tackling a HUGE goal? These three methods offer a good framework for achieving any goal.
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|VIDEO| Jeff Shore Interviews Brian Tracy on Sales Confidence and Closing

Brian Tracy is an absolute hero of mine. I sat down and talked with him about two things he knows better than anyone: Confidence and Closing.
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Have You Mastered the 3 Rules Of the Talk:Listen Ratio?

Too many salespeople believe they are sharing valuable info when their customer has already checked out. Here's how to check yourself.
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5 Simple Truths for Dealing With Your Selfish Customer

Here is a news flash for you: Your customer is inherently selfish. It is their job description, for crying out loud.
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Does Your Value Proposition Suck? Here’s How to Craft a Killer Sales Message

When crafting your killer sales message, start with the buyer first (not the product!) and look at the value proposition through their eyes.
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How You Can Crush the Biggest Sales-Killing Mental Bias

In my newest article for, I discuss How You Can Crush the Biggest Sales-Killing Mental Bias.
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales People (An Homage to Dr. Covey)

Amy O'Connor's latest article for Builder and Developer Magazine offers an homage to the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey.
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5 Amazing Ways You Can Screw Up Customer Satisfaction (And How to Avoid Them!)

Want a fresh perspective on serving your customer? Start by avoiding these 5 common ways of screwing up customer service.
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3 Sales Strategies to Help You Handle Your “Just Looking” Customer

There is a description for the phrase, “I’m just looking,” and that description is …"normal". In fact, it is not only normal, it is honest!
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4 Reasons to Re-assess (or Totally Kill!) Your Incentives

Are you truly offering an incentive? Or is it a price apology?
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