3 Ways To Change the Game For Your Sales Team

What is a game-changer? While many people equate being a game-changer with being famous, that isn’t particularly true. Were the Beatles game-changers? Absolutely! But you can be a game-changer, too, for the sales team that follows you.

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Help Team

5 Steps to Change Your Team’s Sales Behaviors

Are you trying to change the way that your team sells? While it might be a good idea, you could be fighting years of habits that have been engraved in the minds of your sales professionals. Here are five steps to change their habits by focusing first on their behaviors.

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4 Amazing Truths About Facing Sales Adversity

As a sales professional, you get paid to deal with adversity. The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commissions you will earn. Ryan Taft shares four tips to help you make the most of sales adversity.

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Navigating Sales

How to Overcome 3 Common Moments of Sales Adversity

You can define selling as the process of overcoming multiple moments of adversity in pursuit of a purchase agreement. Sometimes we create our own adversity and sometimes buyers bring the adversity to us. Amy O’Connor explains how sales people can overcome these adverse moments and still close the sale.

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Maze to Sales Success

3 Simple Strategies For Handling Sales Objections

I always wanted a “silver bullet” that would magically solve my customer’s objections. But silver bullets don’t exist. So how do you handle an objection without a silver bullet? Here are three simple strategies for handling sales objections.

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Thinking about it customer

How Fast Follow-Up Can Skyrocket Your Sales Success

A customer comes into your sales office and you do your thing. The prospect shows interest, but is not exactly jumping out of their skin with excitement over what you have to offer. Then they leave so they can “think about it.” So, what happens next?

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