Here’s your tip of the day. Scratch that. Make this the tip of your life!

Don’t ever….EVER….let someone tell you what you cannot do. Everything in the universe is impossible….until someone does it.

Be bold, my friends, and you can change the world.

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By Jeff Shore

I get asked for sales advice. A lot. It’s an occupational hazard.

So you would think I’d have a catchy sales-guru-style slogan ready to go, such as, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

But, actually, the one piece of advice I constantly give to salespeople all around the world finds its origin in the study of interpersonal communication. After all, effective selling depends upon strong connection skills.

The advice comes from the late Stephen Covey in his classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey points out that, “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand – they listen …

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Profiles in Boldness: Warren Cassell Jr.

Warren is not the average fifteen year old. He is an awarding winning entrepreneur, published author, and a savvy investor. And what were you doing at 15?

I had the great privilege of sitting down with this impressive young man. You’re definitely going to want to hear this!

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By Amy O’Connor

Six months ago, my husband and I took a huge plunge and bought a 200- year-old farmhouse on twelve acres in northern Virginia. Since becoming a “farm girl,” I’ve had many new adventures and learning experiences.

First, there are the things I never thought I’d Google: How to break a donkey. Caring for chickens. How to get rid of groundhogs. Vaccinating children against obscure farm diseases.

Yes, life on the farm propels you into a whole new world. Most days “off” from work turn into a blur of sawdust, paint fumes and donkey poop — with no end in …

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By Amy O’Connor

Various dictionaries define “closing” as: a concluding part, a closable gap, or a meeting of parties to a deal for formally transferring title. All of these definitions represent closing as a single moment in time.

However, I contend that we should view closing as a process. Habitual closing, if you will.

Stated another way…the moment when you specifically ask your customer for a buying decision is (hopefully!) NOT the first close you make during the sales process.

Far too many sales leaders crack skulls with the concept that closing is something we must “do” to every customer. “Ask for the sale every single …

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Success Has 7 Enemies


By Anthony Iannarino

I received this post in an email from my friend, Anthony Iannarino. It is so profound that I asked Anthony if I could share it on my blog. You can also get The Sales Blog newsletter from Anthony here.

Success has but one enemy, and that enemy is your belief system. I’ve been studying the mindset of successful people for decades, and they share a set of common beliefs. People who struggle to produce the results they want also have shared beliefs, beliefs that are in stark contrast to the beliefs of the more successful.

Here are seven enemies that alone or together …

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By Jeff Shore

It’s actually one of the most common lines in the sales world, regardless of product, price, industry or even the tenure of the salesperson:

“Tell me what you’re looking for.”

Picture yourself visiting a doctor due to severe stomach pain. How would you feel if she asked, right out of the gate, “So, what are you looking for?”

You’d walk out in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?

Why? Because you expect the doctor to do her job, that’s why!

You expect the doctor to diagnose why your stomach feels like you just finished 1,000 P90X ab rippers. You expect a little empathy, followed by a …

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By Amy O’Connor

Here’s the scene: I am pounding on the keys of my MacBook Air while sitting in the United Club at Dulles Airport and I am hangry (hungry + angry = hangry).

Here’s why I’m hangry: I did not plan on sitting here in the United Club today.

I planned on flying to Orlando on United #778 for a presentation this evening. But, thanks to a major mechanical malfunction, I won’t fly on that airplane and I won’t arrive in time to give my presentation.

I know, it happens. I’m not angry at the mishap (ok, irritated but not angry). No, my wrath centers …

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If you do your job right in the sales process, the prospect’s answer will never be a surprise. The best salespeople know the answer before they ask the closing question. Do you?

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By Jeff Shore

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Live in Florence? Skydive? Try an open mic night at a comedy club? Get a degree? Learn guitar? Take a class on ornamental horticulture? Climb Mt. Everest? Take a six month sabbatical?

Here’s a question: Why not?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I can tell you why not. Your sticking point is in one of three areas. If you want to accomplish a big goal, if you have a long-held dream that you want to turn into a reality, you’ve got to do three things:

See it clearly
Believe it …

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