Bad sales day

3 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Bad Sales Week

Having a bad sales day? Eh. Shrug it off. Chalk it up to being “just one of those days.” Having a bad sales month? Okay. Pause. Time to evaluate. Amy O’Connor says that bad sales months happen to the best salespeople. So, while a bad sales month isn’t necessarily fatal, it’s wise to self-critique and see if any negative patterns exist so you can make plans to improve.

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3 Ways to Impress Customers

3 Surprising Ways to Impress Your Customers

Impressing customers isn’t actually that hard to do – if you are consciously intentional about doing so. Unfortunately, too many salespeople have put customer service on cruise-control – and the customer can tell! Here are three simple but surprising ways to impress your customers right now.

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Likability Changing Perceptions

The #1 Way to Get Customers to Love Your Product

Our brains establish a connection between our environmental conditions and experiences. Our brains simply doesn’t separate these things. For salespeople, this mental correlation makes for a huge opportunity… or a dangerous pitfall.

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Tom Brady

3 Sales Lessons You Need to Learn From…Tom Brady

At the top of the list for greatest player ever is Joe Montana, one of the coolest big-game athletes in any sport. Ever. Joe Montana was talent times toughness times leadership. He was the complete package. But then along came Tom Brady. And he has challenged me to question the once unthinkable idea that someone could be better than Joe Montana. (I can’t believe I just wrote that.)

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