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Jeff Shore Closing 2.0 Book

Closing 2.0

How to Close More Sales Faster by Putting the Customer First

Gone are the days of canned sales presentations, false urgency, and cheesy closing lines.

Closing 2.0 isn’t about being sneaky, sleazy, tricky or manipulative. It’s about understanding the psychological journey of your customers and joining them as an ally, not an adversary.

Easy to read and easy to implement, Closing 2.0: How to Close More Sales Faster by Putting the Customer First takes you on a 30-day journey to strengthen both your closing mindset and your closing technique.

Jeff Shore Sales Books Be Bold and Win the Sale

Be Bold and Win the Sale

Get out of your comfort zone and boost your performance

Jeff Shore Sales Books Be Bold and Win the Sale on Amazon

Published by McGraw-Hill

The most common challenge every sales professional must overcome is not indecisive customers, inferior products, or innovative competitors. It’s the discomfort you feel when initiating calls, dealing with difficult customers, and asking for the sale.

In his top-selling sales book, Be Bold and Win the Sale, sales expert Jeff Shore argues that boldness is required to embrace this discomfort and leverage it to land the sale. It is a skill that can be learned.

Be Bold and Win the Sale also includes interviews with Brian Tracy, Daniel Pink, Larry Winget, Linda Richardson and many others.

For salespeople who feast on success literature as a part of their routine, Be Bold and Win the Sale bridges the gap between motivation and technique.


Deal With It!

Mastering 21 Tough Sales Challenges

Jeff Shore Sales Books Be Bold and Win the Sale on Amazon

Jeff Shore’s sales book, Deal With It!, is written for sales professionals who are looking for an added edge in earning the extra sales – the tough sales.

Endless negotiations, obsessing over incentives, buyer’s remorse-every sales professional has its share of daunting customer interactions. Jeff pinpoints 21 of the most common sales challenges-and turns each one into a high-yield opportunity.

In this indispensable sales book, you will learn how to deal with needy, indecisive, or argumentative customers, how to handle multiple prospects at a time, and how to close the sale, whether it’s the first visit or the fifth. Deal With It! is a valuable reference tool. Don’t be caught in a tough situation without it!

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The 4 : 2 Formula

Getting Buyers Off the Fence and Into A Home

Jeff Shore Real Estate Sales Books                Jeff Shore The 4 2 Formula Paperback MP3 Download

Something in your clients’ lives isn’t working for them right now and they need a fix. They’re on a mission…a mission to improve their lives. Your job is to connect to that mission so deeply that the path to the sale literally roles out right in front of you. The 4:2 Formula gives you proven strategies for discovering your clients’ needs and providing solutions that will change their world.

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Jeff Shore Sales Books Buying the Experience

Buying the Experience

Sell More, Earn More, and Get Rave Referrals from Elated Buyers

Are you evolving with the times or getting left behind?

The critical path is out. Knowing everything about a house and its community is no longer enough — buyers are savvier and more informed than ever. It’s not about selling bedrooms, or bathrooms, or skylights, or even the house itself.

Today, real estate is about helping your buyer envision their new life in their new home.

When you see through the buyer’s eyes, you create unforgettable emotional experiences that accelerate sales, increase conversion rates, and earn priceless word-of-mouth marketing. And you will enjoy your job more along the way!

In Jeff Shore’s groundbreaking new book, Buying the Experience, you will learn how to personalize every home, engage buyers emotionally, and deliver experiences that sell.

Jeff Shore Real Estate Sales Books Tough Market

Tough Market New Home Sales

A Roadmap For Success In Turbulent Time

Jeff Shore Real Estate Sales Books                Jeff Shore The 4 2 Formula Paperback MP3 Download

You’ve made great sales in a strong market—but what about when the market is tough?  Jeff Shore blazes a new trail for sales counselors with techniques designed specifically for the most difficult markets!

Real estate sales pros know they must be equipped to sell in an up market or a down market. This real estate sales book from Jeff Shore walks you through the fundamentals for succeeding in a tough market so that you can gain market share while others struggle to maintain their status quo.

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